Interested Teams / Individuals ?

In the past, I have sponsored college aged teams in the Minnesota Tough Mudder held in mid-July.  Primarily for fun, a good photo op for my business and the Tough Mudder people, etc.

This past year, my fine friends at Tough Mudder have lowered the minimum age to participate from 18 to 16.  I have no idea why, but it presents an opportunity for me to sponsor a team or two of people that I do stories on through this blog.

The Mudder will be held on both Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19.   If you’re not sure what the Mudder is…’s just that.  A 10-12 mile race through a course filled with obstacles, mud pits, etc.  Fun stuff.

Team size can vary, but probably 5-6 people is ideal.   If interested, contact me through this blog or directly at  The sooner the better as they only take so many people.

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